How a Taquito Brand is Rolling Up New Restaurant Technologies to Help Expand Its Franchise Business

The restaurant industry relies heavily on a range of technologies to maximize success. That is especially true today with pandemic-related restrictions and persistent labor shortages driving the need for greater operational efficiencies as well contactless ordering and payment options, especially in the case of fast casual and quick service restaurants.

A good example of technology adoption is illustrated by a quick service restaurant called Roll-Em-Up Taquitos, which ranks as the first and only taquito franchise in the United States. The brand, which launched in 2019, just in time to face the unprecedented challenges of a global pandemic, currently operates three successful locations in Southern California, with 38 franchise units in development since the company rolled out franchising opportunities earlier this year.

To help take its business operations to the next level, the company just added five new technology solution providers. “In a time where the restaurant industry relies heavily on technology, we are excited to partner with the leading vendors in the tech space,” said Ryan Usrey, CEO and Founder of Roll-Em-Up Taquitos. These new partnerships include:

  • Olo, a leading on-demand commerce platform that is powering the restaurant industry’s digital transformation through online ordering and mobile. Millions of orders per day run on Olo’s enterprise SaaS engine, enabling brands to maximize the convergence of digital and brick-and-mortar operations.
  • Punchh is the industry-leading loyalty & engagement platform that enables brands to deliver omnichannel customer loyalty programs in-store and digitally. Punchh empowers marketers to acquire, grow and nurture customers through a customized digital loyalty solution leveraging AI-generated insights.
  • Toast, a fully-integrated restaurant POS system and all-in-one restaurant management platform designed for restaurants of all sizes. Toast is a single software platform, digital ordering, and reporting, and employee management. (The company, whose solutions are used at more than 48,000 restaurant locations, raised approximately $870 million in its IPO last week.)
  • Restaurant365, the industry leading all-in-one, accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll and HR solution developed specifically for restaurants. The R365 platform simplifies day-to-day management for restaurant operators, controlling food costs and optimizing labor costs. Integrations and open APIs enable Restaurant365 to connect with other systems, including POS providers, vendors, and banks.
  • FranConnect, a leading franchise management software provider. For nearly twenty years, the FranConnect platform has served as the Sales, Operations, and Marketing backbone for over 800 brands worldwide. Nine of the Franchise Times Top 10 Fastest-Growing franchise businesses rely on FranConnect to drive growth, improve profitability, and streamline operational performance.

“We are pleased to partner with these exceptional providers and broaden the growing collection of handpicked solutions for our franchisees,” said Chris Wyland, Chief Development Officer of Roll-Em-Up Taquitos. “Roll-Em-Up’s mission is to put together a best-in-class technology offering, and we are confident that, as a result of our thorough vetting process, each of these providers will enable our franchise partners to create the best possible technology ecosystem for their restaurants.”

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