Franchise Support

→  Site Selection, Design & Construction

Some say it’s all about “location, location, location”, but that’s only half the truth. We understand that operating a successful restaurant includes exceptional project management and oversight. The Roll Em Up Real Estate, Design & Construction team will help you identify locations, connect you with the right general contractor and then help you manage your build out every step of the way. We are data-driven and have invested in tools that remove the guesswork for franchise partners. We will analyze the demographics, psychographics and QSR/Fast Casual market in your territory to help determine the most optimal spot for your Roll Em Up locations. The recipe for success starts here!

Marketing Support ←

That age old question in the restaurant industry; will customers show up? Long before your grand opening, you will have the support of our experienced Roll Em Up Marketing Team. You have probably seen the long drive thru lines, thousands of Instagram followers and TikTok videos with over a million views. This is not by accident but a targeted marketing program that consists of social media, influencer outreach, direct advertising, local marketing and PR. Our goal is to guide you to reach your earnings potential and build brand awareness in your community. Our social media videos and pictures have been viewed over 13 million times!

→  Supply Chain

Roll Em Up takes great pride in our menu. We are committed to our motto of fresh ingredients, cooked to order. With a continued focus on our franchise partner’s bottom line numbers, we make sure products are delivered on time and at the lowest possible price. We work tirelessly to get volume buying power and the best services possible with our co-packer and broad line partners. On our end, we review all vendors, manufacturers and suppliers in order to manage and negotiate to insure you don’t have to.

Training & Operations ←

Our Operations and Training Support team act as guides, helping you behind the scenes with everything. Initial corporate and on-site training will include your staff visiting HQ to complete classroom as well as corporate store training. This is followed by on-site training at your facility up to and through your grand opening. Ongoing operations support includes full line item P&L management, compliance, health & safety, weekly reporting and goal setting. You always have someone ready to answer any questions you may have and to help you make your business the absolute best.

→ Innovation & Technology

We have refined our technology to near perfection, from our award winning POS System, Mobile App, Displays, Menu Boards and Refrigeration. The result is an industry leading system that integrates inventory management, sales data, labor cost analysis, scheduling and third party delivery services. All designed to improve operational efficiency. The result is a business system that’s simple and easy to use, allowing you to spend more time providing the personal service and interaction that brings guest’s back, again and again.

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