The OG Taquito shop

So, you ask why just Taquitos? Well we’re damn good at it! While others in the restaurant world are focusing on burgers, chicken and pizza, we believe in being different and creating our own wave. You haven’t had a Taquito until you’ve had Roll Em Up. It’s Lit!


Our menu

Our menu is simple, focused, and easy to execute. Taquitos of course are the star! Braised shredded beef, citrus-marinated chicken, potato with green chilis & freshly grated monterey jack cheese. Roll Em Up taquitos are made only with the freshest ingredients and rolled fresh daily with either our proprietary corn or flour tortillas. Taquitos are pan-fried in proprietary cast iron cooking equipment, in tradition from mama Karen! We keep our taquitos fully loaded, which comes with freshly grated mix cheese, guac sauce, Roll Em Up sauce, and sour cream.

Rounding out our menu with some street casual icons like our street corn dusted with Cheetos, our corn in a cup, cheesy queso sauce & freshly made homemade guac. Our churro donuts are baked fresh to order, topped with cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar & caramel, we always recommend 2 per person!


Be a part of the
Roll-Em-Up Family!

If you’re ready to upgrade your portfolio, it’s time to diversify with Roll Em Up Taquitos—a brand that’s consistently at the forefront of innovation and delivers industry-leading results.

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