Love Taquitos? New California-Based Restaurant Serves Nothing But Them.

There are all kinds of Mexican food favorites out there. However, when it comes to finger food and easy-to-eat offerings, few menu items can compete with the taquito. The rolled-up, fried to a crisp taco is just about as simple as it gets. Tortilla, filled with meat, possibly cheese, then rolled and fried. It’s easy to use, perfect for dipping into any collection of sauces, and it is a staple for everything from after-school meals to tailgates. And now, a taquito-centric restaurant is making the trek from Irvine, California to Arizona with not just a single location, but dozens.

Roll-Em-Up Taquitos is making the move east and setting up shop in Arizona, with a planned 30 locations in the coming years. The franchise wants to hit the ground running when it launches in Arizona, and the first two locations are already in the works. Residents of the west side of the Valley in Goodyear will be the first to enjoy the rolled-up taquitos when the restaurant launches at 15570 West McDowell Road. The second location is planned for Scottsdale off of Loop 101 by the intersection of 90th Street and Horseshoe Road.

The restaurant will have both an indoor eating area and a drive-through. The restaurant chain offers mobile menu ordering, and it has a rewards program attached to this, so fans of the restaurant (and taquitos in general) can earn prizes.

According to Roll-Em-Up Taquitos, the restaurant is the first of its kind. The restaurant proclaims it is the first franchise-centric restaurant that bases its entire menu on taquitos not just in the United States, but anywhere in the world. Nothing served in the restaurant is frozen, as all taquitos are made fresh, rolled by hand, and pan-fried daily. The original restaurant was started by a father and son duo almost 20 years ago, and ever since the restaurant has slowly picked up steam. Of late though the chain has expanded rapidly, moving into northern California as well as not Arizona.

The menu begins with the taquito’s filling. Options include braised prime beef that is slow-cooked nightly, marinated chicken, potato, grated queso, and avocado. For those who want toppings on top of their taquitos, options include sour cream, fresh-made guacamole, and cheese, plus there are a number of dipping sauces, ranging in spice level. Side menu items include street corn (on the cob), street corn cups, rice, chips and guac/salsa/queso, beans, and a churro donut.

The first two locations in Arizona are opening in the coming weeks, while the additional restaurants will open over the next several years.

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