Roll-Em-Up Taquitos Signs 10-Unit Deal in Tennessee and Kentucky!

The Roll-Em-Up Taquitos craze continues as the brand announced a 10-unit, multi-state development deal with restaurant industry pro Nirav Patel.

Patel is the founder Franco, a franchise group with experience for industry-renowned brands such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Tropical Smoothie Café and Sky Zone along with various other tech and healthcare businesses. With his eye for restaurant investments and evolving market demands, Patel will introduce the Roll-Em-Up brand in Knox County, Tennessee and Jefferson County, Kentucky in early 2024.

“I was drawn to sign on as a franchisee because Roll-Em-Up has every foundational element needed to succeed in the restaurant space,” says Patel. “It’s an incredibly fun brand with an experienced corporate team, streamlined operations, delicious food and a loyal and growing customer base. I haven’t been this excited by a concept in a long time and I can’t wait for the East Coast to get their first bite of the best taquitos on the planet!”

Roll-Em-Up Taquitos’ story began years ago when father Ron Usrey, son Ryan, and daughter-in-law Tiffany fell in love with their “Mama Karen’s” homemade taquitos. All her recipes were made with love, and they knew from the first bite that they owed it to the world to share that love—bringing the taste of home to the masses. Since then, Roll-Em-Up Taquitos has been driven by its commitment to honoring their beloved Mama Karen with authentic, lovingly crafted food they know she would be proud of.

Roll-Em-Up Taquitos offers a focused yet straightforward menu of five taquitos, including braised shredded beef, ground beef, citrus-marinated chicken, potato with green chilis and freshly grated Monterey jack cheese. To stay true to the brand, each taquito is rolled up daily, using only fresh, never-frozen ingredients and pan-fried to order just like Mama Karen did. Taquitos can be topped with freshly grated mix cheese, homemade guac sauce, sour cream and Roll-Em-Up Sauce that comes in “Mild” or “LIT.”

Other menu items include house-made bomb AF chips, churro donuts drizzled with caramel sauce, and famous Street Corn loaded with butter, mayo and cotija cheese. The most avid flavor-cravers can also take their Street Corn to the next level by adding a generous Hot Cheetos and Tajin dusting.

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