Street-casual franchise is looking to serve up hand-rolled taquitos across the country

CHINO HILLS, CA – What started as a SoCal family’s favorite meal, Roll-Em-Up Taquitos is now sharing their beloved homemade taquitos with families across the country. With two locations in Chino Hills and Brea, the homemade taquito brand that has become a favorite amongst

The story of Roll-Em-Up Taquitos’ is simple and began in the home of the Usrey family, where Father (Ron) and Son (Ryan) fell in love with Mama Karen’s famous beef taquitos. The Usrey family-including patriarch Ron – always talked about opening their taquitos-only eatery, but unfortunately, Mama Karen passed before that dream became a reality. Fast-forward to today, they are “Blastin Reggae” and opened the first Roll-Em-Up Taquitos in Chino Hills, California in 2019, where they sold an average of 3,500 taquitos a day. Today, the brand has two locations open in Chino Hills and Brea, California, along with a set plan to open a third location in Victorville, California next month.

“We are a family-oriented restaurant that provides a one-of-a-kind consumer experience with each visit and some reggae music for ambiance,” said Ryan Usrey, CEO and Founder of Roll-Em-Up Taquitos. “Roll-Em-Up Taquitos has allowed our family to bring my mother’s famous taquitos into the homes of people all across SoCal, and we are so excited to share this nationwide.”

Roll-Em-Up Taquitos offers a focused yet straightforward menu of five different taquitos, including braised shredded beef, shredded chicken, potato, cheese, and avocado. To stay true to who they are, each taquito is rolled up daily and only uses fresh, never frozen ingredients and pan fried fresh to order just like Mama Karen did! Taquitos can be topped with cheese and sour cream, in addition to the brand’s handmade mild or spicy house sauce, guac sauce, queso sauce, and their famous “lit” sauce.

Other menu items include house-made bacon beans, rice, bomb AF chips, churro donuts drizzled with caramel sauce, and famous Street Corn loaded with butter, mayo, and cotija cheese, with an optional dusting of Hot Cheetos and Tajin or coated in queso.

“Everything is made fresh in-house daily and made to order,” added Usrey. “We pride ourselves in serving our customer’s fresh, hot, and crispy taquitos just like our mom made for our family. It’s our way of bringing our family’s favorite meal into yours.”

SOURCE: Roll-Em-Up Taquitos

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