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If you’re ready to upgrade your portfolio, it’s time to diversify with Roll Em Up Taquitos—a brand that’s consistently at the forefront of innovation and delivers industry-leading results.

The only Taquito franchise opportunity in the world!

Join us as a member of the Roll-Em-Up franchise family and step into a world where street casual dining meets unparalleled opportunity. Our focus on taquitos sets us apart as pioneers in the industry, offering franchisees a unique chance to thrive on a global scale.

Taquito Franchise

Simple, focused,
and easy to execute.

From day one, we’re committed to positioning our franchise partners for maximum profitability. We understand that your passion drives your success, and with Roll-Em-Up, that success becomes instinctive.

Being a Roll-Em-Up franchise owner means more than just building your business empire; it means joining a vibrant and diverse community where you’re valued and supported every step of the way.

Strong Unit Economics

Achieving excellent profit potential is our goal, and we’ll make it happen by combining low labor and low COGS. Right from the start, we’re committed to positioning our franchise partners for maximum profitability.

Real Estate

At Roll Em Up Taquitos, we’ve got a dedicated team of real estate specialists ready to assist you every step of the way – from scouting out prime locations to finalizing the design and construction of your franchise. With their expertise and support, you can trust that you’ll find the perfect spot to roll out your taquito empire.


Our dedicated team is what sets us apart and makes our franchise stand out. With their expertise, they’ll work alongside you to develop and train your taquito team, ensuring you have top-notch talent to deliver the best customer experience possible.


Our uniqueness lies in our brand, and our Marketing team is here to be your guiding force. From pre-sales strategies to ongoing digital marketing efforts, we provide valuable support and advice throughout your journey.


With cutting-edge technology, our website and app play a vital role in our streamlined operations. We provide comprehensive support to kickstart your business and guide you through every step of IT development, ensuring a seamless transition from start to finish.

Unique Concept

While others in the restaurant industry are engaged in battles over burgers, chicken, and pizza, we occupy a category entirely our own. Roll-Em-Up stands as the sole taquito-centric franchise opportunity globally!

Vision & Commitment

We are committed to maintaining the freshness and quality of our food, remaining true to our brand, and delivering excellent service to our franchise partners.

Franchise Map

Abundant opportunities for expansion are available, with open territories spanning the entire country. We are actively working to expand in all regions, providing you with the chance to establish ownership in your market! Take advantage of this opportunity to grow your wealth by investing in a rising Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand.

Roll Em Up World Franchising Map
  • Open LocationsOptimal Franchise Availability
  • Coming SoonFranchise Availability

Onboarding Process

Step 1: Initial Contact

When a potential partner expresses interest in franchising with us, we gather information on their current capital, restaurant background, and the number of units they're considering.

Step 2: Virtual Meet

If the potential partner meets our criteria, we arrange a franchise introduction presentation and Q&A session. If they express interest in proceeding further, they must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Step 3: Market Establishment

We construct a local feasibility model, investigate the regulatory requirements specific to the area, and assess the market's suitability for our franchise.

Step 4: Franchise Planning

We create detailed maps of the local market and formulate business plans tailored to each development initiative.

Step 5: Franchise Partner Meetings

The franchise partner visits the Roll Em Up corporate office in the US, where initial commercial terms are agreed upon, and a development plan is set in motion.

Step 6: Franchise Agreement

We conduct a walkthrough of crucial functional areas to assess resource needs. Following this, we commence final negotiations on the key terms and agreements outlined in the franchise contracts.

Step 7: Development

After signing contracts, we kick off the development of sites and markets. Simultaneously, we commence recruitment efforts for the franchise business.

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If you’re ready to upgrade your portfolio, it’s time to diversify with Roll Em Up Taquitos—a brand that’s consistently at the forefront of innovation and delivers industry-leading results.

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